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community skillshare

In response to COVID19's impact on our beloved hospitality industry as well as so many individuals and small businesses, we have begun a new virtual learning series for the community, by the community. Each 'season'  will last 2-4 episodes and be centered on one topic, starting with contributions from our core team, spanning finances, mental health and sustainable cooking. We aim to add value amidst the explosion of webinars by making sure these sessions are 1) specific and to-the-point 2) address topics pertinent to our current climate and 3) are filled with actionable takeaways. Every season will be accompanied by a thorough resources document, which will live in our Resources Blog, that offers additional information and useful links. We are committed to keeping these free as we believe accessibility of information is key to a better future for everyone. Come lunch and learn (or tea and learn) with us!

We welcome any community members with skills they would like to share to fill out this form so we can get started on working together on a detailed lesson plan and resources document.

The first episode will be taking place Wednesday, April 1st at 12pm PST on our Instagram page @StudioATAO.