About glass through Skin

Glass Through Skin is a therapeutic exhibition and multi-course dining experience that explores the invisibility and normalization of female pain. Over the course of a 2.5 hour immersive dinner interwoven with interdisciplinary art forms & technology - including virtual reality, poetry, installation art, augmented reality portraits, custom soundscapes and projection mapping - guests will embark on an honest journey through the complicated and often contradictory nature of being a womxn today; asking the question if our bodies, our pleasure, our beauty, our activism is not truly meant for us - who is it for, how can we change the status quo?

Glass Through Skin will be opening late 2020.

Topics within the experience


what is a "woman"? when and why do we identify as "woman"? when are we taught what is a "woman" and what is not?



who owns the female body? should womxn control their own bodies? when womxn are hosts to another, does this change who their body is meant for?



what dictates purity? who does the concept of purity and virginity serve? can a womxn be both pure and impure?



what brings womxn pleasure? is that important? can bodily pleasure be divorced from sex?



what is beautiful? can beauty be used as a means of control?



with half the world's population as female, what does the future of feminism really mean? where and how does equality begin?

get involved

We aim to highlight a diverse set of female stories throughout the Glass Through Skin experience. We will be posting calls for personal stories via our Instagram , and are always looking for sensitivity readers to review our work on an ongoing basis to educate us on our own blind spots.


If you're interested in volunteering in helping us research, project manager, or as an exhibition attendant once we open, we would love to hear from you too! For any and all of the above, please email us at hello@studioatao.org.

support glass through skin

We are actively seeking sponsors at both Supporting and Founding levels for Glass Through Skin to help us bring this project to life. Executive Director Jenny Dorsey will be handling all serious inquiries directly at jenny@studioatao.org.

If you are a generous individual or socially aligned organization who believes in what we're creating and would like help us cover production costs for Glass Through Skin, you can earmark your donation for this series specifically! We thank you for kindness in helping us create spaces where storytelling and interpersonal connection can drive allyship and organic action.