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Site Credits

Photography: Stacey Salter Moore, Briana Balducci, Joseph Magnelli, David Chow

Videography: Federica Nanfeng, Sarah M. Park

Structure: Aaron Tiang, Anna Ong

© 2019 by Studio ATAO, Inc. A 501(c)3 nonprofit


HIDDEN is a multi-sensory dining experience that explores the different facets of who we are. Fusing together food & drink, virtual reality and interactive dance, HIDDEN encourages audiences to face their own limitations, biases and imperfections to ultimately find the space for self-acceptance.


HIDDEN starts with a virtual reality film composed of four thematically distinct dances, woven together with poetry and 360 spatial audio. Guests emerge from their individual VR experiences to see those same virtual performers, still masked, occupying the real space before them and inviting them into a new, shared world.


After removing the masks to reveal their true selves, the dancers break the “fourth wall” by layering audience interaction and improvisation alongside choreographed routines to accentuate each course of food, cocktails and poetry. Eventually, the guests re-enter VR to watch a final, intimate performance that ties together the disparate movements of the night into one, confident self.


As the crowd emerges one last time from the virtual world, they experience the climax of the night’s journey: the four dancers embrace each other, bringing their individual bodies into a unified whole to symbolize full acceptance of vulnerability. Three of the performers exit and a lone performer, representing the whole identity rather than the four fragmented selves, remains to close the evening with a soliloquy.

Our goal is to capture the emotional turmoil and elation of the self-discovery process through dance and food, while also examining the concepts of cognitive dissonance and complicity using elements of immersive dance, poetry and conceptual food & drink.

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Upcoming Dates

Past Dates

6/18 & 19: Hotel 50 Bowery (NYC, NY)

Exhibit HIDDEN

We're looking to bring HIDDEN to as many innovative venues across the world as possible.​ At a time where we are more divided than ever, we hope HIDDEN can provide a thoughtful journey for open-minded individuals to see themselves with renewed clarity.

If you're interested in exhibiting HIDDEN at your local contemporary arts museum, art gallery or center, public space or festival or you're a business who may be interested in partnering or sponsoring our work, you can download our Press and Partnerships Kits below and please get in touch!

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1. Darkness

2. Romance

3. Jester

4. Transformation

5. Exposed

6. Hidden


1. Into the Depths

2. Hearts on Fire

3. None the Wiser


Creative Director & Culinary Lead: Jenny Dorsey

Creative Director & Choreographer: Kate March

Director of Photography: Jesse Sperling

Immersive Spatial Audio: Spatial Audio Labs

Beverage Lead: Matt Dorsey

Headset Sponsor: Oculus