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Our monthly book club is a small group discussion series that dives into real-world applications of new ideas learned from our monthly read. It is open and free for anyone to join, for as many or as few sessions as desired.


These 1.5-2 hour conversations are moderated by our internal Studio ATAO team and kept to a maximum of 10 participants per session.

Our Patreon members help pick each month's book, and receive early access to our monthly discussions. You can join our patron family here - tiers start at just $5/month.

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Our October 2020 read is:

Racial Melancholia, Racial Dissociation 

by David L. Eng & Shinhee Han

Last month

Some questions raised in the discussion included:

  1. Did this book change how you define “disabled” or “disability”? How so?

  2. There are many references to the use of language as means of creating harm for the disabled community. For example, the use of the word “accident” for incontinence when it is out of their control. What are ways we can better combat this?

  3. One of the themes we noticed throughout the book is the idea of help, and the power and control associated with requiring help in some sort of sense. Why do you think we stigmatize certain types of dependency, especially in the case of disabled people needing help, when in fact we are all interdependent?

  4. What stereotypes does our general society, especially media, create about disabled people, and how do they compare against the narratives shared in this book?

  5. What are our assumptions (as a society) about the choices disabled people should be able to (or not able) to make for themselves?

  6. What is ableism to you? What is saviorism? How do we move beyond ableism but also not into saviorism?

  7. How do we ensure proper representation of disabled folx within various intersectional movements without tokenizing them?

  8. What is a normal “full” and/or “worthy” life? How do we reimagine these two definitions? Who is able to determine these definitions?

August 2020

Disability Visibility edited by Alice Wong

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past reads

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