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Our monthly book club is a small group discussion series that dives into real-world applications of new ideas learned from our monthly read. It is open and free for anyone to join, for as many or as few sessions as desired.


These 2 hour conversations are moderated by our internal Studio ATAO team and kept to a maximum of 5 participants. We currently host up to 20 participants per month and release discussion dates via our newsletter.

Our Patreon members help pick each month's book, and receive early access to our monthly discussions. You can join our patron family here - tiers start at just $5/month.

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Our August 2020 read is:

Disability Visibility edited by Alice Wong

Last month

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Some questions raised in the discussion included:

  1. A key theme in this book is de facto vs de jure segregation - how did that concept change or shape your view on U.S. policy?

  2. What does reparations or remedies look like to you? What is the remedy to state-sponsored harm? What about justice for the African Americans that were affected by segregationist policies?

  3. Is housing and/or home ownership an American right? If so, are there quality of life metrics that apply?

  4. Can do we properly reflect on, analyze, and remember policies like the New Deal which created many social safety nets but also actively hurt so many people (and those were disproportionately African Americans)? What (and who) is acceptable to sacrifice for the “greater good” (often in the name of political expediency)?

  5. Once laws are passed, they are not always enforced. Sometimes, the law takes so long the period of potential (e.g. a developer wanting to use a plot of land) has passed. How does our social structures and societal norms decide what laws are “enforced” and how they are enforced? What can we do about this?

  6. How do we combat disillusionment due to societal, structural, political oppression?

July 2020

The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

past reads

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