monthly Movie screening

Our two October 2020 movies are held in partnership with the Asian American International Film Festival


Coded Bias directed by Shalini Kantayya 

Export My Love directed by Jinglin Li

Our monthly movie screening is a small group discussion series that dives into real-world applications of new ideas learned from our monthly watch. It is open and free for anyone to join, for as many or as few sessions as desired.


These 1.5-2 hour conversations are moderated by our internal Studio ATAO team and kept to a maximum of 10 participants per session.

Our Patreon members help pick each month's movie, and receive early access to our monthly discussions. You can join our patron family here - tiers start at just $5/month.

Last month

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.02.58 PM.png

Some questions from our discussion included:

1. Who wields what kind of power throughout the film? How do these power dynamics cause the characters to fail one another?

2. How do politics influence who gets to love, and who gets to forgive these days? What political boundaries are we beholden to?

3. When there is a real power imbalance, can you have a real, full relationship?

September 2020

Lingua Franca

Directed by Isabel Sandoval

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 11.07.35

Some questions in our discussion guide are:

1. What are the different pathways to prison as described in the film?​

  • Who is involved, and what kind of power dynamics perpetuate these pathways? 

  • What are the systems and logics that allow the “prison” system to exist?

2. How do our communities unwittingly and unintentionally perpetuate systemic oppression within the prison system? ​

  • How does power work to target vulnerable communities, while allowing the worst offenders to slip through? What are instances of arbitrary versus intentional discrimination at play?

  • How does the prison system affect our relationships to one another? 

3. What is the purpose of punishment and prisons in America? 

  • How would you define a “criminal”? As a society, what do we think “criminals” deserve? Why?

  • Is it possible to disrupt the way we think about prisons and punishment? Especially when we are confronted with real instances of harm, such as with sexual abuse or physical violence, how might we reframe “criminality”?

4. To what end can we, as individuals, change how we talk about society or act against mass incarceration? ​

  • What can or should “punishment” look like? How do we reframe the conversations around guilt and criminality?

  • What are interim steps toward a future without criminalization?

  • What can we do in our local communities to address this problem?

August 2020

The Prison in 12 Landscapes

Directed by Brett Story

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