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Site Credits

Photography: Stacey Salter Moore, Briana Balducci, Joseph Magnelli, David Chow

Videography: Federica Nanfeng, Sarah M. Park

Structure: Aaron Tiang, Anna Ong

© 2019 by Studio ATAO, Inc. A 501(c)3 nonprofit


We are incredibly thankful for the public and the press support we've received for our various projects. We do not allocate any of our budgets towards advertising or paid editorial -- all of our press has been hard-earned. We are always looking to reach new audiences with our work, so if you're interested in writing about us please reach out to us below.

"This is a tasting menu as intellectual exercise."

""It was refreshing to see that Asian in America didn’t use technology frivolously"

"...challenge[s] diners to either reflect on their own experiences or empathize with others’."

"...the Asian American identity is complicated."


"...the kind of modern fine dining meal that immerses you in itself..."

2018 Finalist

Bridging the Divide Award


 "...obliterates the notion of polite dinner chatter."

2018 Featured Presentation

ReThink Food Conference