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Here at Studio ATAO, we're building a future where everyone is empowered to become a social change-maker. No matter how slow or arduous the fight, we are creating the tools so even more people can join in and rise— all together at once

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To paraphrase William Gibson: the future is already here, and it's in the work we do now to overcome 2020's multiple crises. More than ever, Studio ATAO remains committed to our mission to inspire socially conscious individuals toward action. We know the need for community building and collective learning will endure, no matter the election or COVID, so for 2021, we are already developing new toolkits and organizing hundreds of people into the hard, powerful work of social change. 

Since March 2020, thousands of people have accessed our two inaugural toolkits, and hundreds of others have expanded our collective capacity for solidarity via our virtual community initiatives. While we miss your company over a dinner table, we plan to be here for the long haul. Consider sponsoring us on Patreon to help us ride on the momentum of 2020, and inspire even more people toward action for years to come! 

Social change is neither linear nor measurable, so thank you for believing in us as we do the work to transform one person, one relationship at a time. Whether you give once or support us monthly on Patreon, your energy is what keeps us going. 

Read more about our impact this year in 2020 report:

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