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Site Credits

Photography: Stacey Salter Moore, Briana Balducci, Joseph Magnelli, David Chow

Videography: Federica Nanfeng, Sarah M. Park

Structure: Aaron Tiang, Anna Ong

© 2019 by Studio ATAO, Inc. A 501(c)3 nonprofit

Ultimate First Date

Ultimate First Date is an augmented reality enabled cocktail experience that pushes pairs of all kinds -- friends, dates, spouses -- to have a radically more intense, thorough conversation about everything from God to eugenics. This mobile AR 'game' utilizes the phone as a way to increase facetime and engagement between people instead of detracting from it.


Once initiated, a series of 10 paper planes containing 10 different questions fly from the cocktail and land on the table and it's up to the user to select what level of difficulty to start the conversation! For the ultra-adventurous, a small bomb also appears later into the session with the option to really take things to the next level...

See it in action

Two types of cocktails trigger the "Ultimate First Date" AR experience through the Studio ATAO app. First, those with foamy tops (pictured above) with a target image printed in edible ink on the cocktail itself. The other, cocktails served with a specially printed cocktail coaster (download here).

The Studio ATAO app is available via Apple App Store and Google Play.

demo & customize

Ultimate First Date debuted as part of the Future of Cocktail special event at Food Loves Tech 2018 and was shown at Art Beyond the Glass in January 2019.

If you're interested in a demo of Ultimate First Date at your event or conference, or would like to request a customized version of the app for your brand or cocktail bar or specific beverage, please contact us.