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Site Credits

Photography: Stacey Salter Moore, Briana Balducci, Joseph Magnelli, David Chow

Videography: Federica Nanfeng, Sarah M. Park

Structure: Aaron Tiang, Anna Ong

© 2019 by Studio ATAO, Inc. A 501(c)3 nonprofit

Asian in America

Asian in America is an award-nominated symbolic exhibition and dining experience that explores the complex narrative of the Asian American identity through food & drink, virtual reality, spoken word and poetry.

Asian in America began as a 3 course meal with video and written explanations published online in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which quickly developed into a set of short personal essays published in Goldthread. The virtual reality and poetry components integrated organically into the theme and together, the 6-course & 3-cocktail dining experience officially debuted at NYC's Museum of Food & Drink in August 2018.


Today, half of the courses in Asian in America are presented with poetry, while the other half has been recreated in VR through Tilt Brush and is accompanied with spoken word. The ingredients, cooking techniques and alternating presentations of art take guests on a multi-sensory journey through the trials and triumphs of the Asian American identity, addressing topics from cultural hierarchies in the food system, the lack of the individualism granted to minorities, and the internalization of the “white savior” complex.


1. Substitutions

2. "You Make Asian Food, Right?"

3. Stereotypes

4. Model Minority

5. Saviors

6. Fancy Because It's French

Bonus: Dog Food Is A Necessity?


1. Eggs & Bananas

2. Skewer

3. Revisionist History


 Asian in America

Asian in America is currently touring across North America. Please sign up for the Studio's mailing list to be informed of new cities and ticket releases.

Upcoming Dates

3/10 - 3/12/20: Flavor Summit, Culinary Institute of America Copia (Napa Valley, CA)

Past Dates


1/23: Japanese American National Museum (Los Angeles, CA)


2/23: Museum of Chinese in America (NYC, NY)

4/6: St. Francis Women's Film Festival (NYC, NY)

4/19 & 20: Museum of Chinese in America (NYC, NY)

5/3 & 4: LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

6/29: James Beard House (NYC, NY) featuring special floral series "Our Roots" from Carmen & Co.

8/7 - 8/11: USC Pacific Asia Museum (Los Angeles, CA)

11/14/19: Hawai'i International Film Festival (Honolulu, HI)


8/15: Museum of Food & Drink (NYC, NY)

9/12: Photoville, United Photo Industries (NYC, NY)

9/14: Yellow Summit (Minneapolis, MN)

10/3 & 4: Future of Storytelling Summit (NYC, NY)

11/8: Culinary Institute of America Copia (Napa Valley, CA)

12/7: Museum of Chinese in America (NYC, NY)

If you're interested in VIP ticket access to Asian in America events, or are simply interested in supporting our work, please consider becoming a donor! Donations make it possible for our team to bring Asian in America to as many cities across the U.S. and Canada as possible.

The 3 virtual reality videos from Asian in America are also exclusively distributed online through Tribeca Film Institute (see above). We recommend using a standalone VR head-mounted display (such as the Oculus GO) for the best viewing experience.


For those who have joined us, you can continue your Asian in America experience with our mobile application that brings your take-home snack to life via augmented reality! Simply download the Studio ATAO app on Google Play or Apple App Store, click on "Asian in America" and point your camera at the pretzel bao sticker on your take-out box.

Asian in America events also features a playlist of Asian American artists of all different genres. You can download that playlist via Spotify below.


Asian in America

We're always looking for more opportunities to bring Asian in America to as many cities as possible, both in areas with and without a significant Asian American population. We believe the best road to understanding begins with empathy and mutual shared experiences, and Asian in America aims to forge genuine connection over curated food & drink alongside a meaningful art experience that offers both time for quiet introspection and group discussion.

If you're interested in exhibiting Asian in America at your local museum, cultural center, public space or art gallery or you're a business who may be interested in partnering or sponsoring our work, please get in touch!

Select Press

"This is a tasting menu as intellectual exercise."

"...challenge[s] diners to either reflect on their own experiences or empathize with others’."

"It was refreshing to see that Asian in America didn’t use technology frivolously"


"...the kind of modern fine dining meal that immerses you in itself..."


"...fostering dynamic and critical conversation about race, culture and stereotypes."

2018 Finalist

Bridging the Divide Award


 "...obliterates the notion of polite dinner chatter."

"...each course served with a meaningful story or title"


Culinary Lead & Creative Director: Jenny Dorsey

Beverage Director: Matt Dorsey

VR Tilt Brush Art: Karen Vanderpool

AR Tilt Brush Art: Tipatat Chennavasin

Back-end AR/VR Development: Gate Reality

AR Sticker Illustrations: Felicia Liang

VR Casting: Pixvana

Headset Sponsor: Oculus