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  • Eat, Drink, and Do Good is a monthly newsletter that features fresh thought pieces on social justice written by emerging writers

  • Under the Magnifying Glass is a quarterly newsletter that explores topics from our Resources Library through the lens of current events and pop culture


Eat, Drink, and Do Good

Our monthly Eat, Drink, and Do Good newsletter featuring original thought pieces from emerging writers. Past issues have covered everything from gift economies and food apartheid to healthcare discrimination and ableism. Our goal is for these articles to offer critical analyses that engage common social justice topics on a deeper level.

Featured Past Issues

September 2021

By V Spehar

July 2021

By Rose McAdoo

June 2021

By Edric Huang

May 2021

By Jessica Chao

April 2021

By Raeghn Draper

March 2021

By Samir Knego

February 2021

By Mikey Mercedes

Under the Magnifying Glass

Blue, white, and grey image of two people holding one magnifying glass and peering through it.

Our quarterly Under the Magnifying Glass newsletter is a brand new series that examines topics from our past Understanding... series through the lens of current events and popular culture. Our goal is to break down theoretical ideas into more digestible concepts, examples, and actions that show up in people's lives everyday. 

Featured Past Issues

June 2021

How internalized competition comes at the expense of our bodies, minds, and time.

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