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Did you know only 16% of nonprofits are led by BIPOC, and even less by women of color? BIPOC-led nonprofits also receive significantly less grant and donor funding than their white-led counterparts. As Echoing Green and Bridgespan Group report, "Disparities by leader race repeatedly persist even when taking into account factors like issue area and education levels."

As a small BIPOC-led and staffed nonprofit, we know what we're up against. We see every year that we are able to continue operating as a reason for celebration and motivation. We are working to build a future where everyone within FBH can heal, learn, and act against injustice. Your support makes it possible for even more people to join our movement and rise — all together at once

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Ways to Support

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Monthly - starting at $5/month

Our Patreon network contributes an important part of our regular operating budget. Knowing that we can count of these funds every month gives us the capital necessary to plan and execute new events as well as sustainably pay our team members working on long-term projects such as our toolkits and whitepapers.

Our tiers start at just $5/month, and come with lots of special perks such as: early access and complimentary tickets to our events, private library of event recordings and resources, ability to choose books and movies for future discussions, and of course some Studio ATAO swag.

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We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. You can access our public financial records and information at our Guidestar account. If you want to learn more about gift opportunities, don't hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Jenny Dorsey, at

We gratefully acknowledge contributions of $500 or more from:


  • Claire Cheney

  • Andrew Hamada

  • Jonathan Fong

  • Cassidy Seidl

  • Nicole Lam

  • Behzad Jamshidi

  • Naomi Tomky

  • Erin Beasley

  • Shervin Talieh

  • Elliott Hamai

  • Gary Lo

  • Tait Sye


  • Kvaroy Arctic 

  • Community Cultures

  • Restaurant Workers Community Foundation

  • Women in Hospitality United

  • DoorDash

  • BentoBox

  • King Arthur Baking Comany

  • Greenhouse

  • Porter Novelli

  • Má Là Project


  • Danone

  • GoodFoodJobs

  • ButcherBox

  • The Blend U.S.

  • Barilla Group

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