Our mission is twofold:

To inspire socially conscious individuals toward action by making social justice accessible and relevant through publicly available education, vulnerable conversations, and community-building. 


To propel corporate and policy leaders to construct systematic changes based on the needs and input of directly affected community members.

Our vision is a world where social justice matters to everyone and is deeply rooted in every decision.
Our core values:

Prioritize Marginalized Voices

We acknowledge the inequities of existing power structures in our society, and center our work on championing the voices, ideas, needs, desires of those with marginalized identities. We prioritize solidarity and creating a better future for everyone, not change that focuses on accessibility for dominant identities.

Mutual Respect

To us, respect means treating each others’ views, experiences, and contributions as valid and valuable. We start all our relationships — from our team members to our community and organizational partners — from a place of kindness. We expect this to be reciprocated, and will set firm boundaries to protect our team and work when necessary.


We take the necessary time to critically engage with the world around us by diving beyond surface-level explanations to create space for important details and nuances. We see our work as an extension of personal and emotional realities being lived by individuals everyday, so we emphasize systems of care with actionable steps instead of simply abstract theory.


We know our knowledge and individual experiences come with limits, and there are large amounts of information we do not even know we do not know. We commit to staying deeply humble as part of our working process, and relish new ideas, perspectives, and challenges. We ask questions and prompt discussion instead of telling others to just listen.

Celebration of Self

To make a lasting impact, we believe it is necessary for us to also celebrate each other and our achievements. This is a space where we welcome everyone to show up as their full selves — including their entire range of emotions, not just those deemed ‘professional’ by societal norms.



I Forgot It’s Wednesday (IFIW) is birthed as a weekly supperclub inside Jenny and Matt’s apartment in New York City.


IFIW is rebranded as Wednesdays with a more focused mission of prompting deeper dialogue between its guests.


Wednesdays officially becomes Studio ATAO and receives its 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit arts organization.

Asian in America debuts at NYC's Museum of Food and Drink, the Studio’s first official event series.


COVID-19 hits, and all of the Studio's events move onto virtual platforms.


As a small silver lining, the team is finally able to find the time and bandwidth to focus on its community initiatives.


Studio ATAO tours the country with Asian in America.


We are here, and we have big plans for the year! You can download our 2021 Planning PDF here.

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