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Sponsors are an extension of our brand and we take your support very seriously. We work with your team to seamlessly weave your brand into our content and events in a variety of ways, from cross-branded collateral and pre, post & live messaging, to social media & community amplification. Whenever possible, we also send photo and/or video content that can be further utilized for promotional use. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Salon Series

Our Experimental Salons model brings together conscientious industry professionals and community members to develop new pathways for change in their spheres of influence. You can read a case study on food media here and our resulting toolkits in our Resources Library.

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Virtual Events

From our bookmovie & cookbook clubs, to Town Halls, panel conversations, and virtual Storyslams, our events are always in search of sponsors and organizational partners. Our digital programming calendar can be seen here, and we host both small group (5-20) and large-group (50-200) experiences. 

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Our Eat, Drink, and Do Good and Under the Magnifying Glass newsletters goes out to ~9,000 subscribers with an average open rate of 40%. We are always looking for mission-aligned partners we can organically craft content around and champion their work.

Featured Sponsors

Yondu Logo in black and white

We seamlessly incorporated Yondu in our Cook the Menu: Asian in America series, highlighting its product’s versatility during the cookalong portion of the event and later engaging Yondu’s representative in our small-group discussions around the topic of saviorism and mutual aid.

America's Test Kitchen logo in grey

We worked with the America's Test Kitchen DEI Council to weave their internal work around diversity, equity, and inclusion into our thematic conversation about race and representation in a discussion session on the book In Bibi's Kitchen.

Support our community initiatives

Our team is continuously working behind-the-scenes to create free resources and ensure our events are inclusive for all. If you've enjoyed our public programming, we kindly ask you to consider supporting us by becoming a monthly patron or with a one-time donation. We thank you for your generosity!

All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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