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Sponsors are an extension of our nonprofit's brand, and we take your support very seriously. We work directly with your team to organically weave your brand into our content and events in a variety of ways, from cross-branded collateral and pre, post & live messaging to social media amplification and curated media mentions. For live events, we also always send high-quality photo and/or video content after the event for your own promotional use.

Salon Series

Sponsor a Salon series, or a Salon + toolkit!

Our Experimental Salons model brings together conscientious industry professionals and community members to develop new pathways for change in their spheres of influence. You can see the case study of the Salons that resulted in our Toolkit for Recognizing, Disrupting, and Preventing Tokenization in Food Media here.


Sponsor an event or series!

Our virtual and live events are always in need of both monetary and in-kind sponsors. Our digital programming calendar can be seen here; we average ~200 guests. Our monthly book & movie discussion gathers 15+ highly engaged participants. Our Asian in America and HIDDEN experiences tour across the U.S. and reach audiences in cities from NYC to Los Angeles to Honolulu.


Sponsor a newsletter or series!

Our Eat, Drink, and Do Good newsletter goes out monthly to over 8,000 subscribers with an average open rate of 25%. We are always looking for mission-aligned partners we can organically craft newsletter content around and champion their work. 

Read past newsletters here.

featured sponsors

We were able to streamline our VR/360 viewing experience with a gift of 50 Oculus GO headsets. In return, we exclusively use the GO for all our experiences and have also taught hundreds of guests how to navigate its UI.

We worked with Kavalan to feature its award-winning Solist Vinho Barrique and its newest Distillery Select whisky at our NYC Asian in America events, including a dinner at the legendary James Beard House, in exchange for select bottles.

We organized a several multi-night runs of our flagship series at the Museum of Chinese in America over the course of 2019, each featuring special access to the museum & small-group tours to generate buzz for its new exhibitions.

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