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Site Credits

Photography: Stacey Salter Moore, Briana Balducci, Joseph Magnelli, David Chow

Videography: Federica Nanfeng, Sarah M. Park

Structure: Aaron Tiang, Anna Ong

© 2019 by Studio ATAO, Inc. A 501(c)3 nonprofit

Feature your brand

in our next event

The Studio is always planning its next big event or in pre-production of a new series, and in need of more resources. If you’re a business interested in becoming a featured partner or sponsor of Studio ATAO, please reach out below with a brief description of what you may be interested in sponsoring or what series you may want to partner on. We gratefully accept both monetary and in-kind contributions.

Deeply engage

a new audience

Sponsors and partners are an extension of our brand and mission. We work directly with your team to weave your brand into our events in a number of ways:

  • Experiential design around your product or organization

  • Cross-branded promotional items

  • Physical displays and banners

  • Tailored event programming

  • In-person shoutouts

  • Curated press and media mentions

  • Professional photo and video content

  • Social media mentions

  • Recorded testimonials and quotes

See a list of upcoming Studio ATAO events here.

Download our Sponsorships Kit here.




Let's do this thing

Interested in bringing your brand into the experiential realm? Drop us a line below, schedule some time to talk to our team, or download our Sponsorships Kit to learn more!