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Host a Fundraiser

There are over 19 million F&B workers in the U.S., encompassing everyone from farmers & distillers to cooks & truck drivers. However, a critical gap remains between those who can access formal F&B education and those who cannot.

By hosting a fundraiser for Studio ATAO, you can help us continue our vital work of creating educational resources and directly contributing to the development of these resources. 

You're welcome to organize any type of fundraiser you desire, whether it's hosting a lively party or potluck, organizing a community event, or even facilitating a creative craft session. We can provide you with a fantastic party pack, including a customizable event invitation template, a lively Spotify playlist, a list of recommended snacks to satisfy hungry bellies, conversation starters to ignite engaging discussions, and a curated recipe list for added inspiration. The possibilities are endless, as long as you adhere to the following instructions:


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