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Film Series

Our film series takes the form of narrative arcs that last ~4 months, with anywhere from six to twelve films (a mix of shorts, documentaries, and fictional movies). We offer two themed series every year, each with its own private Discord channel paired with curated readings, ongoing reflection prompts, and exclusive events.


Small-group movie club discussions are 1.5-2 hour moderated conversations with a maximum of 10 participants per session.

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Most Recent Series

Movie poster for Kelet
Movie poster for Marco
Movie poster for Call Her Ganda
Movie poster for Ìfé
Movie poster for Welcome to Chechnya
Movie poster for Hard Paint
Movie poster for The River
Contemporary Queer Migrations

February - June 2021

Our very first movie series encompasses 13 films from across the globe that explore the complex relationship between queerness and migration, queer diasporic families, and the power of queer cinema beyond LGBTQ+ representation.

These films reject both the invisibility and the anonymity of queer migrants. In the global and aesthetic diversity represented in these movies, we realize there is no huddled mass, no monolith — but dreamers of all colors fighting against multiple systems of oppression and imagining something more.

Past Movies

Movie poster for Gather


Dir. Sanjay Rawal

Movie poster for Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca

Dir. Isabel Sandoval

Movie poster for The Prison In Twelve Landscapes

The Prison In Twelve Landscapes

Dir. Brett Story

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