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Speakers @ Studio ATAO

Thank you for your interest in speaking at one of our events! We are so excited to be in community with you and learn from your wisdom. Below, you'll find an overview of what you need to know about being one of our speakers. 

  • About Studio ATAO

  • Audience & Community

  • Compensation Model

  • Recording and Other Logistics

About Studio ATAO


Studio ATAO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community-driven think tank.

We create tools and resources empowering individuals, organizations, and policymakers to integrate social impact into their everyday life and work.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To create accessible, relevant resources that inspire socially conscious individuals toward action through publicly available social justice education, vulnerable conversations, and community-building.

  • To propel corporate and policy leaders to construct systematic changes based on input from and needs of directly affected community members.

Audience & Community

Our community consists of a wide range of socially conscious, impact-driven, empathetic individuals from across the U.S. (with a smattering of international friends as well!) These are people eager to learn with and from you, comfortable in virtual community environments, and often repeat participants familiar with our mission and event goals.


Generally speaking, many who attend our events are folks already working in some capacity within the social justice space, with a strong showing from the food, beverage, and hospitality space. However, we think it's important to not alienate those without a "formal" background in social justice but are curious to expand their perspective and looking for others to support them in that journey. 

Our team is a mix of BIPOC millennials and Gen-Z folks from a wide range of backgrounds, and we are thrilled to say our audience reflects that with an awesome blend of diverse folks. Our ethos is all about centering those with marginalized identities and creating space for folks to show up as their whole, unequivocal selves. So please, know that we are here to all hold space for you and each other!


Compensation Model

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We believe in compensating all of our speakers as much as we feasibly can, and are always working on increasing our compensation model to inch closer to market rates. At this time, we offer speakers a flat $50 fee or 20% of the net ticket revenue, whichever is higher, for a 1 hour time commitment. (Our event tickets are offered on a sliding scale from $5-$30, and free tickets are made available for anyone who asks.)


For example, this could look like a 30 minute speaking session, plus 15 minutes to prepare with our team & 15 minutes for audience Q&A. You can, of course, forgo and have us donate it instead to a QTBIPOC organization if you desire.


Please note these rates are not indicative of sponsored events, or events we are coordinating for corporate clients, where we are generally given a larger budget to work with.

We certainly understand that for some speakers, our rates are too low. If that's the case, please let us know - we won't be offended, and will keep working to find ways to work with you in the future!

Recording and Other Logistics

All of our virtual events are held via Zoom, closed captioned, recorded, and made available for everyone who purchased tickets and our Patreon community to watch after-the-fact. We will make sure to send you a link and/or video file of the session so you can utilize for your own marketing purposes. 

Depending on which event you are speaking at, one of our team members will work with you to make sure any outstanding logistics are taking care of. For example, if you are using any slides we will check to make sure they are accessible; if you'll be moderating a discussion, we'll review the moderator questions with you before the event. Our goal is always to take as much of the event logistics work off your plate as possible!


After the event, we will make sure to collect your payment information, and (if you're willing) your address and teeshirt size so we can send along a small token of our thanks!

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