Studio ATAO

(pronounced a-tao, stands for all together at once)
is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community think tank that creates content & live experiences at the intersection of food, art, technology, and social impact.
Our mission is to deepen empathy, develop genuine relationships, and instigate organic social change through interpersonal connection.

Public Programming

We build, execute, and tour thought-provoking, interdisciplinary exhibitions & culinary-based events that champion diversity, equity and inclusion. We emphasize the power of deliberate food & drink, empathetic storytelling and in-person connection to build genuine relationships and drive collective action for change.


Explore our flagship series below:

A virtual reality dinner experience and interactive art installation exploring the trials & tribulations of the Asian American identity.

A multi-sensory dinner performance taking guests on a journey of self-acceptance.

A therapeutic exhibition & dining experience examining the invisibility and normalization of female pain.

We curate, host and facilitate digital & physical industry discussions for mission-aligned professionals to brainstorm new ways to solve social impact issues pertinent to their work.

Our specialty is a facilitation model we use at both our dinner-and-discussion Experimental Salons and our Monthly Book Club. It is centered in embracing positive conflict, addresses our own complicities, and creates a framework for individual and group progress.



Our private digital community is a place for professionals across different fields to cross-pollinate learnings.

A quarterly newsletter full of resources, learnings, worthwhile reads, events, and opportunities to get engaged and make a difference in your community. Read the latest one here.

You can also join our community digitally:

A virtual learning series led by subject matter experts to raise funds for charity. Our current season is on civic engagement and the U.S. government.



We use learnings from Experimental Salons, Community Skillshares, public programming, expert interviews, and independent research to compile educational toolkits and guides for everyone to use. Explore our latest below, and see the complete set on our Resources blog.

Flyer of Studio ATAO’s community initiative Experimental Salons describing the topic “Food Media Has a Tokenization Problem”
Resources Blog Headers NEW (3).png



Our agency & consulting arm develops custom, hospitality-forward experiences for purpose-driven businesses committed to maximizing impact beyond entertainment.

We also create thoughtful employee engagement initiatives that encourage open dialogue and cultivate inclusivity and diversity in the workplace using our Experimental Salons framework.

See prior examples of our work here.

Studio ATAO grew out of Wednesdays, a popup series founded by Jenny & Matt Dorsey in 2014. Our mission has always been the same: create inclusive, safe spaces for guests to engage in open, honest dialogue about the world around them. After hosting hundreds of events, it became clear the event programming needed to be more focused if the goal was to drive real change. So in 2018, Wednesdays officially became Studio ATAO, taking on a nonprofit arts organization status and structuring its experiences into flagship series each tackling a specific topic with a unique blend of food, art and technology.


Our mission is to combine the power of physical human connection with the visceral, identity-shaping nature of food to offer a shared platform & mutual experience for our guests to interact with ideas and PoV's unfamiliar to them. We hope to use our talents to nurture a more empathetic generation who believe in supporting their communities to build a better future for everyone.

Read more about our team here.

our story & MISSION


Studio ATAO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization that relies on support from our generous community of donors to keep operating. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to bring programming to as many communities as possible.

See our Donor Kit for more details.

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