Studio ATAO

(pronounced a-tao, stands for all together at once)
is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community think tank that creates content & live experiences at the intersection of food, art, technology, and social impact.
We believe that social change happens one relationship at a time. Our mission is to inspire socially conscious individuals toward action through empathetic, vulnerable conversations and community-building.
Our ultimate vision is a society where social justice is an important issue for everyone.

Public Programming

We build, execute, and tour thought-provoking, interdisciplinary exhibitions & events that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our experiences leverage the power of food & drink to deepen dialogue around identity and privilege.

Explore our flagship series below:

A virtual reality dinner experience and interactive art installation exploring the trials & tribulations of the Asian American identity.

A multi-sensory dinner performance using virtual reality, poetry, and immersive dance to take guests on a journey of self-acceptance.

Every person’s journey toward social justice and liberation is unique. We celebrate the complexity of individual experiences by offering our community different pathways of exploration, engagement, and participation.

Our community initiatives, both in-person and digital, lower the risk of engaging in complex and uncomfortable discussions. We curate safe yet brave spaces that our participants can apply a vulnerable, justice-oriented lens to their everyday work and lived experiences, and emerge with solutions that resonate most with them.



Our private digital community is a place for professionals across different fields to cross-pollinate learnings.

A monthly newsletter full of resources, learnings, worthwhile reads, events, and opportunities to get engaged and make a difference in your community.

You can also join our community digitally:

We host virtual public panels, interviews, and conversations with subject matter experts on social impact topics from appropriation to mental health in the hospitality industry.



We synthesize the insights from our Experimental Salons, Community Skillshares, public programming, expert interviews, and independent research to compile free, educational resources for everyone to use. Explore our latest toolkits below, and see the complete set on our Resources blog.




Our agency & consulting arm develops custom, hospitality-forward experiences for mission-aligned companies committed to maximizing impact beyond entertainment.

We tailor our work to be focused on integrating social justice ideas and principles into translatable action for the organization. We use an engagement framework that encourages positive conflict, normalizes discomfort, and promotes vulnerability to advance awareness into collective action for change.

See prior examples of our work here.

Studio ATAO grew out of Wednesdays, a popup series founded by Jenny & Matt Dorsey in 2014. Our mission has always been the same: create inclusive, safe spaces for guests to engage in open, honest dialogue about the world around them. After hosting hundreds of events, it became clear the event programming needed to be more focused if the goal was to drive actionable change. So in 2018, Wednesdays officially became Studio ATAO, taking on a nonprofit arts organization status and structuring its experiences into flagship series each tackling a specific topic with a unique blend of food, art and technology.


We believe that social change must happen one conversation, one person at a time. Our mission is to inspire ordinary people to become social impact change agents by crafting spaces for open, intimate, and vulnerable discourse. We empower our community members to wield their talents for good by giving them the tools to define social impact on their own terms and take steps to lead change in their own circles of influence.

Read more about our team here.

our story & theory of change


Studio ATAO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community think tank that relies on support from our generous community of donors to keep operating. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to focus on what we do best: designing participatory programming that creates space for thought-provoking conversation and interpersonal connection. 

Read our 2020 report for more details.

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